Why are you overwhelmed outside your comfort zone ?

Defeat your comfort zone

Ever felt bored, unfulfilled, unchallenged, at the same level for years...but safe ? Well you've might been into your comfort zone for damn too long. Comfort zone aka bubble is a mental state where everything is familiar and in control. A safety place where you're not :

  • facing your fears (mistakes, failure, rejection, unknown)
  • tackling your limitations
  • letting go of your bad habits and routine
  • having any desire to change

Look this sensation of safety is an illusion. And the longer you stay within your comfort zone, the less happy and motivated you tend to be. The risk is you settle into a miserable life. Good news : Comfort zone can grow out but you need to jump out of it. Scary ? Not really...

Avoid your danger zone

Your lack of confidence makes you think your limits are at the edge of your comfort zone when they're actually far away in your danger zone. Danger zone aka Panic zone doesn't begin outside your comfort zone. You know you're in your danger zone whenever you feel overwhelmed, angry, busy, terrified and/or unproductive. Be careful your stress level increases way too much and your performance decreases seriously in this area. Your big goals are sometimes in danger zone that's why you need to break them down into small steps.

Visit your learning zone

When you step outside your comfort zone, there's a place called "learning zone" aka "growth zone". Your stress level increases a bit which is perfect to be more productive. You are more prone to perform better in any situation because of the stimulation. Visiting this zone occasionally will help you to :

  • challenge yourself
  • develop new skills and talents
  • have a growth mindset
  • become more confident
  • stay focus 
  • reduce your danger zone

In this zone, you get used to dealing with situations that were challenging before : you're stretching yourself. The ideal is to visit your learning zone from time to time to widen your comfort zone. Overtime your mind will think that it's normal going a little further every time. Do not forget to return to your comfort zone to gather your energy for the next stretch. No one needs to be under pressure in this learning zone 24/7.



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